Basics of WordPress Website Customization

How to customize Wordpress Website

WORDPRESS WEBSITE CUSTOMIZATION Now that you have successfully installed WordPress, there are few basic things you should know. WordPress Site has two main components- Themes- Which decide how your website looks. You can customize it to make it the way you want. (more on this later) Plugins- They add extra functionality to your WordPress site. … Read more

Installing Plugins

Installing Plugins

INSTALLING PLUGIN A- Go to your WordPress Dashboard B- Click on Plugins or hover mouse on Plugins and from there click Add New. (There is a good possibility that there are already three or four Plugins already installed. WordPress and/or Web Hosting providers pre-install some very important ones/affiliated ones.) C- When you are at Plugin … Read more

Creating Menu, Pages, Posts, Categories etc for WordPress Website

Creating Menu, Pages, Posts, Category, Tags

BEFORE YOU START BUILDING YOUR WEBSITE YOU SHOULD DO THESE 1- Go to a website. For Example go to or any other website. Inspect the website. See what all the website has. Here in this example I will use Visit You will see that there is a bar below the website’s name. It … Read more

Building Primary Sidebar, Footer, Menu

How to build Primary Sidebar, Footer, Menu

Building Primary Sidebar, Footer, Menu Building Primary Sidebar Primary Sidebar is useful. On our site we too have Primary Sidebar. (on right side) It may have different name depending on your theme but most likely it will be called PRIMARY SIDEBAR or MAIN SIDEBAR. – Go to your theme customization (APPEARANCE – CUSTOMIZE) – Option … Read more