Top Tech Youtubers


There is no fixed parameter to determine the best tech YouTubers or top tech YouTuber or any best YouTuber for that matter.
We can not determine a channel solely on number of subscribers. PewDiePie is the most followed channel on YouTube but many might not like his content. Many just adore him.
On the other side there is someone like MrMobile who has half a million subscribers but his content, his style, his whole presentation is second to none!
So the list below may have a bit of ‘personal taste’ ingredient in it. Read this as a fun article. Or to discover some channels you might not know about.

Note- I have not mentioned number of subscribers for the channels here. According to us that number is irrelevant. On this list there is a channel having more than 10 million subscribers and also channel with less than twenty thousand subscribers. Let us value their content not the number. 


8- Mobile Tech Review
If you want to know about in-depth, unbiased, practical review of any phone or computer, this channel is for you. The videos are very well elaborated and provide in-depth knowledge. If you are planning to buy a tech product or know the actual review then you must check out this channel. You may also visit their old fashioned yet valuable and updated site which was created in 1998. Read More about them hereMobile Tech Review, Best Tech YouTube Channel. Click To Tweet


7- Nat and Friends
Now you may think that this channel is all about Google. That’s okay.
But honestly this channel is beyond that. The videos here are one of a kind. They are in-depth and with interviews / opinions / points from various experts.
To really understand what I am saying you will have to watch the videos on this channel. Nat and Friends, Best Tech YouTube Channel. Click To Tweet


6- Android Authority
There are millions of Android Lovers. Android Authority is your heaven.(their website, Android App(sadly no iOS app), YouTube channel.)
Even if you are a die hard Apple Sheep you will love the members of Android Authority. They are focused on Android and its ecosystem. Their articles and videos are informative and helpful. Each and every member of Android Authority is great in their respective fields.
They are one simple, informative channel which everyone should watch irrespective of which OS they love or use. Android Authority, Best Tech YouTube Channel. Click To Tweet


5- MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)
Are you starting a new venture and need motivation to keep working hard. Well let me tell you two lines about Marques Brownlee.
He uploaded a total of around eighty to hundred videos having less than 100 subscribers. He did not quit. He kept going. Currently he is in first half of twenties. Recently he was awarded with ‘Creator of the Decade’ award. His story proves that hard work, consistency and not quitting attitude is surely bound to bring success.
As of now, his videos are extremely well made. They look professional and are a treat to watch. Just make sure you watch them in HD quality.
One last suggestion is to follow him on social media. His content on social media is a different story altogether. You would definitely love his tweetsMKBHD, Best Tech YouTube Channel. Click To Tweet


4- The Verge
They are a part of a big company named Vox.
Tech videos from Verge are very informative. Beside rich tech videos they also take up general issues like ‘Do you need glasses for using computers?’ or ‘Will your reproductive health and abilities be affected if you use a laptop on your lap? etc.’
They also post interviews with eminent tech personalities like Elon Musk, Satya Nadella and many more.
If you love tech you should definitely subscribe and see what they are upto. The Verge, Best Tech YouTube Channel. Click To Tweet


3- MrMobile (Micheal Fisher)
As I said in the initial paragraph, MrMobile’s videos are amazing. His reviews always have positives and negatives. You will not find a video on his channel without talking about negatives of that product (even if that review product was sent to him or he did not pay for it etc.)
He does not rant irresponsibly or illogically. His positive points are truly positive and unbiased. His negative points are valid and justified.
His video quality is absolutely fantastic. He plays with different bold solid colours in his videos. It is different and pleasing to watch.
Also he not only reviews mobile phones but lots of other important useful and new products whose epicentre is tech.
He talks about cars, smart watches, fitness bands, tech bag packs, other wearables like Levis Jacket with a bunch of tech in it, headphones etc.
This is one of those YouTube channels which deserves huge success and is an asset for the brand YOUTUBE. Mr. Mobile, Best Tech YouTube Channel. Click To Tweet


2- ColdFusion
If I have to say one thing about this channel, I would say ‘STOP READING THIS AND GO WATCH VIDEOS ON THIS CHANNEL’.
I have trouble finding words to explain how good this channel is. It talks about issues like ‘How big is Amazon?, How big is Honda?, How big is Tata?, Electric Cars, Tesla, Elon Musk, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Electric Aeroplanes and what not!’
Channels like this and content creators like this deserve to have their content on paid platforms like Netflix or some big reputed TV channels.
The knowledge, the content, the research, the hard work, the video execution and the presenter (cum producer’s) voice make this channel one of the assets of YouTube. ColdFusion, Best Tech YouTube Channel. Click To Tweet


1- Linus Tech TipsTechquickie
Top Tech Youtubers

Linus Sebastian- This little, socks and sandal wearing man is something unique. He is definitely one of a kind. Linus maintains three main tech channels under his company Linus Media Group. (Two other channels are related to fun office blog and his personal cat. These are rarely updated.)
Though his main channel is LinusTechTips, his second channel ’TECHQUICKIE’ is my favourite.
On his main channel one video is uploaded daily (even weekends). He covers all sorts of PC builds, guides, reviews, rants and what not. It is fun to watch him.

His second channel ‘Techquickie’ is a highly informative place. This channel has the potential to give multiple orgasms to any tech lover. It covers all general tech topics. Videos are around five to seven minutes long and explain WHY, HOW, WHAT.

LMG has created a new channel named ‘TECHLINKED’ in second week of May 2018. According to official Linus Tech Tips Instagram post, this new channel got one hundred thousand subscribers in a day. This channel will publish content on alternate days (MWF) and will cover recent tech news.
He does a weekly (on Fridays) one hour show called WAN Show (Weekly Analysis and News.)
This is live streamed on Twitch and later uploaded to YouTube on LinusTechTips channel.
LMG also does a yearly fun expo called LTX. This year it is on July 14.
He along with his long time staff / friend / business partner Luke Lafreniere has built a paid video platform named Floatplane where people can pay a small amount and watch content from their favourite creators (who are on Floatplane) some days early than YouTube. It is a great way to support the creator you love.
He also maintains an active forum at which is a great place for tech enthusiasts.

Linus has more than twenty full time people working under Linus Media Group. His every video has at least one sponsor. Videos on LTT have two sponsors mostly. His team does checks and background work before they accept to long term advertise that particular brand or product in their videos.
Even his ad integration and the way he smoothly / hilariously transitions from video content to sponsor message is fun to watch.

Linus Media Group / Linus Sebastian is on top of my list because it is a wholesome package. It is not just a channel which shoots video in 8K and talks carefully / mildly about a new phone or just makes phone reviews and unboxings.
This / His channel(s) talk(s) about everything tech – Inside and Outside- Computers, Laptops, Processors, GPU, CPU, Phones, Tutorials, What, Why, How, News, Science, and whatever you can sanely imagine in tech.

So there is absolutely no iota of hesitation or regret in saying that ‘Linus Sebastian / Linus Media Group’ is the number one Tech Channel on YouTube. He may be a bit quirky at times but he is extremely sweet, hardworking, knowledgable and a man with very less attraction for materialistic things like a fancy car or a mansion (as explained in one of his video).
There is comedy and genuineness in his quirky-ness. LinusTechTips, Best Tech YouTube Channel. Click To Tweet


Other amazing tech YouTubers in order are-
9- Gary Explains (Explains tech like a pro. Must Watch.)

10- TechAltar (His Story Behind series should not be missed at any cost.)

11-  Unbox Therapy (Great place to hang out (keep watching videos one after another); Fun stuff and Unique Unboxings.)

12- Android Central (Website is informative.)

13- Dave Lee (Soft spoken, high quality videos, great content.)

14- Pocketnow (Its Pocketnow Daily is cool to watch.)

15- Louis Rossmann (Talks about Apple Repairs in details and hates / contradicts Apple’s policies.)

16- DetroitBORG (If you love unboxings (especially Apple products’), look no further. Here you can watch unboxing of every colour of official iPhone Case!)

17- JerryRigEverything (If you love phones getting naked, look no further. You will have to watch his videos to understand what I am saying here.)


Best Tech Youtubers


Now certainly there are many other amazing creators. I know I have missed many of them. You might think that a particular creator / channel not mentioned here is better than ones mentioned here. I accept that.

Please write down in comments which Tech Channels are amazing. I will surely love to watch them. (and update / add to this list) Best Tech YouTubers; May 2018. Click To Tweet


(Note- All images here are taken from Official YouTube Channel, Official Twitter Account and/or Official Website of the channels / creators mentioned in this list. All images have been taken only for this article. Please contact me in case of uneasiness or any violation from my part. Thank You.)