Best Tech Youtube Channels in India

Top Indian Tech YouTubers

Top Tech YouTubers in India

In our article Best Tech Channels on Youtube we mentioned that there is no fixed parameter to decide which is the Best Tech YouTube Channel or Top Tech YouTuber or any best YouTuber. It would be completely naive if we determine a channel based solely on the number of subscribers it has.
I value quality and not blind quantity. As a result I have not mentioned the number of subscribers these channels have. We appreciate everyone and detest none.

Still, since you have come here looking for ‘Best Indian Tech Youtube Channels‘ we do have to make a list and give a position. Read this as a fun article or as an article designed to help you discover some great creators you might not know about.

So here is our list for Top Tech YouTubers in India.


7- Gadgets 360
Gadgets 360 is a subsidiary of NDTV. They have an active team which publishes videos reviews, compare mobile plans, videos about wearables, sound devices, video games, software, daily tech news and other such technology related content. Besides YouTube they also have a robust website, mobile apps for Android & iOS and an online store/shop from where portable electronics can be bought. Gadgets 360, Best Tech YouTuber in India. Click To Tweet


6- SidTalk
The reason why we love SidTalk is because he is very regular with videos and covers a wide range of general tech topics which is useful for average Indian. Which AC to buy, Why Walmart bought Flipkart, How to build a website, What is dark web and many such important topics have been covered by him.
His videos are simple and pleasing to watch. His videos have a dark background with him speaking in fast paced Hindi. Though his voice/audio level is high, his overall presentation is calm and without bells and whistles. It is great to have a creator like him in India who talks about basic things that are of prime importance.
Recently he has also started giving Paytm cash to some of his lucky viewers in his each video. (This can be called as a marketing gimmick for his revamped website/startup, but nevertheless it is something unique and we respect his creativity.) SidTalk, Best Tech YouTuber in India. Click To Tweet


5- Sharmaji Technical
Aab inke baare mei kya bole, inka naam hi kafi hai. (What do I say about Sharmaji Technical; his name speaks volume.)
If you are from India and interested in tech, I am pretty confident that you have heard about Sharmaji Technical.
Besides SharmaJi, his videos too are patriotic. His channel introduction has patriotic tone in it. (Saare Jahan Se Aacha Hindostan humara – Better than the entire world, is our Hindustan)
SharmaJi produces at least one video daily. His videos are simple with white/mild background and clean editing. He talks extensively about new smartphones (especially Android) which launch in India. He also makes regular videos about recent tech news. Sharmaji Technical, Best Tech YouTuber in India. Click To Tweet


4- C4ETech
C4ETech produces rich, valuable tech content in English. They are focused on smartphones in general.
Here is an excerpt from their YouTube channel description-
“Right from Reviews, Comparisons & Tests to App & Game recommendations to Mods and tutorials, I shoot a lot of videos… usually 20-30 a month.“
We love their content and the way they present it. They seem (and surely are) a bunch of cool people to hang out with. You will love their Q&A videos called ‘#AshAnswers’.

Besides the English channel, they have another channel named ‘C4ETech Tamil’ with over two lakh subscribers, which caters to Tamil audience. C4ETech, Best Tech YouTuber in India. Click To Tweet


3- Geeky Ranjit
Indians are lucky to have full time reviewers like Geeky Ranjit. I am saying this because of a number of reasons.
There are many tech YouTubers from USA, UK, Canada etc which are very popular in India. According to many of them- ‘Viewership from India for their content is mostly in top 3’.

India has second highest number of English Speakers in the world (next to USA). This figure is according to 2001 census. This number has surely increased a lot.

So for Indians language is not a problem for watching tech reviews from global reviewers. The main problem is that the product reviewed is not India SPECIFIC. Say for example if a brilliant voice assistant is introduced and it works amazing, but if this assistant does not has ‘English (India)’ as language then it is next to useless in India. (e.g- Early days of Apple Dictation in India.) (Even today there is no offline English India language for Dictation on Mac.)

Geeky Ranjit is a saviour. He reviews Indian products in English. His reviews are deep and trustworthy. He does not rushes to release a review. He might make a overview video about a product. (He has to earn to support himself and most viewership is when a product is launched.)
However all his product reviews are only after he has used the product.

The reviews are informative with pros and cons. (On few occasions when I followed him and bought a product, it was confirmed that what he says is true.)
Ranjit reviews almost all the new, popular and flagship phones. Besides these he also reviews phones in every price category. Additionally he also talks about fitness bands, headphones, mobile accessories etc. At times he also reviews products that people ask him to.

Ranjit has a channel in Hindi but this is not updated as frequently as the English one.

So overall, it is really great for Indians that there is someone who keeps it honest, relevant, who understands the Indian market, reviews India specific products and reviews products from Indian customer’s point of view / use.
So next time you buy a mobile phone, you might want to consider Geeky Ranjit’s opinion. Geeky Ranjit, Best Tech YouTuber in India. Click To Tweet


2- Technical Guruji
This man (Gaurav Choudhary) needs no introduction. This ‘Vedic Guruji’ with long, dark beard is not only famous in India but is globally renowned in tech community. His hard work was appreciated by Indians and the number of subscribers on his channel spread like wild fire.
Guruji blesses his audience daily with a video. His videos are in Hindi and explain the topic to such a level which can be understood by anyone (even if the person watching has zero technical knowledge.)

There is no denying the fact that Technical Guruji is like the ‘Founding Father’ of new generation tech YouTubers in India who see a success story in him. If you search for word ‘technical’ in YouTube, you will see dozens of smaller tech channels which have been inspired by Technical Guruji. The channel names, the channel logos of these channels will tell you how much people try to live upto his style (or simply copy him.)

He can be said to have blown the wind of upcoming tech channels in India.
(I like to call it ‘Indian Technical YouTube Creators wave’.)
Individuals aged as young as twelve, fourteen now see YouTube as a career (or as a job). This new wave can be credited to Technical Guruji (upto a large extent.)

His popular (unofficial) tagline ‘Chaliyeen Shru Karte Hein (Let us begin)’ has attracted many parodies and fun videos. He doesn’t mind these and at times has even participated in these videos/content of these creators.

Beside this, Guruji also has a second channel named ‘Gaurav Choudhary’ where he talks about things other than tech- Like parwachan, van-yatra, siddhi, purusharth, aashirvad etc. Just joking. He publishes vlogs on this channel. Technical Guruji, Best Tech YouTuber in India. Click To Tweet


1- Beebom
Beebom has a daily updated website where they publish all sorts of news and updates related to technology. Beside a flourishing website and Android App, Beebom also maintains an updated YouTube channel where they talk about various tips & tricks, reviews, how to and almost every other type of such relatable tech content.
The video quality is unmatched. The narration is in clear English with beautiful B-roll shots. It is a treat to watch their videos.

According to us Beebom is our favourite Indian Tech YouTuber. There is no denying the fact that the video quality, content and overall presentation of this channel matches right upto the likes of MKBHD, Austin Evans and other Best Tech YouTubers in the worldBeebom, Best Tech YouTuber in India. Click To Tweet


Other tech channels that we love are-
8- iGyaan (What an awesome name! Great video quality. Very useful for people wanting to buy accessories online.)

9- PhoneRadar (Any new tech in India, you will find it on their Website and/or their YouTube channel. Pleasing B-Roll clips.)

10- GadgetsToUse (Thumbnails are clickbait(y) but content is informative.)

11- Ur IndianConsumer (This is more of a vlog based channel which has tech in its epicentre but whose wings span all over.) (Also the name sounds a lot like UrAverageConsumer.)

12- India Today Tech (Do note that they are a part of big publication. So it is upto your discretion to judge the reviews they produce.) (They also have a daily updated tech website which is a category extension of main India Today website.)


Best Tech YouTube Channels in India


India is a land of over a billion people. There is no way that this list is flaw proof or adamant. There are creators whom you love and value more than the ones mentioned here. We respect your views. Please do mention in comments what you think of the this list and what this list might be missing. Best Tech YouTubers in India; May 2018. Click To Tweet


(Note- All images used in this article have been taken from Official YouTube Channel, Official Twitter Account and/or Official Website of the channels / creators mentioned in this list. All images have been taken only for this article. Please contact me in case of uneasiness or any violation from my part. Thank You.)

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