How to Build A Website

Introduction to Building a Website without Coding

How are you? Thank You for being here.

If you are here this means you are-
A. Planning to build a website.
B. Help someone you know to build one.
C. You will decide whether to build a website or not after knowing its pros & cons and how easy or hard it is to build one.

Right? I think these are the possibilities.
You also have some burning questions related to building a website like-
A. How much it costs to build a website?
B. What are the benefits of having a website?
C. Can I earn money using a website?
D. How hard it is to maintain a website?
Ee. How much time will it take to build one without coding?

Before you read further please note that the WEBSITE BUILDING GUIDE here is aimed to help people with zero coding knowledge. Everything is explained in detail. So it might happen that at times you might think ‘He is explaining such childish stuff’
I request you to go through even those points that you know. Revision does no harm.

Now let me answer you honestly.

A- How much it costs to build a website?
Ans- It depends on which website you want to build.
Non Professional Website
If it is for your child’s school project or you want to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday by sending her a personal website link at 12 midnight which says happy birthday, how much you love her, has her pictures and all such stuff that humans in love do!
You can build such website absolutely free. You can build these in an hour or two. Seriously!

Professional Website
If you are planning to build a website for your self like and do not plan to update it regularly, then such website will cost you around Rs. 2000 per year. Why? I will explain in next post(s).
If you are planning to build a fully functional blog which will be updated regularly with posts and articles or if you are beginning a news website etc then it will also cost you at least around Rs. 2000 per year. Why? I will explain in next post(s).

B- What are the benefits of having a website?
Ans- You can grow your business. You can expand. Provide details about your business(shops, school, tuition centre etc.)
Have you own place on web.
Write blogs and share your thoughts.
Earn money by having an updated website with content.
Or put your website link in your Instagram bio. (Not everyone has their own website)
Plus many other benefits…

C- Can I earn money using a website?
Ans- To be honest you will have to work hard if you wish to earn money from a website. You will also have to be patience. You will have to put relevant content on your website. There are many such points I will discuss in subsequent posts. 
You can earn money from ads (Google Adsense etc.), Affiliate Links (Amazon Links, Flipkart Links), Sell ebooks/products, Give people the option to hire you for your skill etc.
There are many more options. These were just few.

D- How hard it is to maintain a website?
Ans- It is not hard.
There are safety plugins. You can have chat support from your web hosting provider. You can look for easily available help on internet. Don’t worry about it. Or contact me here.

Ee- How much time will it take to build one without knowing how to code?
Ans- Of course you can build a great website without knowing how to code.
Technically speaking it takes 20 minutes to build a website. Honestly!
Perfecting the website according to your taste, your preferences, your creativity takes time. It depends.
Again frankly speaking, you will need a week (20-30 hours) until YOU are satisfied with your own work.

You are spending money and it is natural that you would want everything to fit your taste. So this will depend on you.
Do not think that these 30 hours will be tough. You will know what you are doing. Everything will be self-explanatory. Everything will be easy.
Have you seen women knitting sweaters? They know what they are doing. It is easy(because they know how to and what they are doing)
Still it takes days to perfect it ; To fit it to personal perfection.
Same is with website.

If you are creative you can build a perfect website (of course without coding) in 3 hours.

Before we move further I would like to tell you something about me.
I study law. I am a law graduate. Of course I do not know coding. None of my immediate friends know coding.
However I will say that I have interest in technology.
I built my first website five years back. It was a free website; built with zero investment.
I built it in 3-4 hours(6 PM to ~10 PM i.e my PG’s dinner time)
It was a simple website with few of my pictures and a post. It had links to my social media profiles. It had some other such elements. Honestly, It was good.
When I think of it now, I am like ‘Uss time maine kaise bana liya’ (How did I build a website back then!’)

So it is not a big task to build a website.
It is a big task to keep it relevant, updated and have quality content on it (if you are thinking of a tech website, news website, blog.)

Let us begin to build one.
If you have any questions until now you can contact me here.


NEXT READ- Overview of how we will build a website?

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