Tips for Buying Domain

Tips for Buying Domain

DO NOT HURRY. First read all the steps. Make sure you understand at least twenty percent of it. Please do not start building without reading everything first. Then start reading again from here, that is STEP 1 and build your website side by side.



Currently you are at
(This is the domain name of this website)

You go to or
(These are domain names)

Domain name is like your home address. Any guest or delivery-boy who has to come to you to meet you or deliver products has to know your address. Similarly in terms of website, we can say that DOMIAN NAME is equal to ADDRESS.
Now you know what Domain is. Let us choose one now for your website.


Just like a Gmail username or Facebook username most easy, small and memorable domain names are already taken by other people or are sold at high prices. (Yes buying and later selling domain is a flourishing business.)

Also if you thought of building a website then I am sure you have thought of some name. It may be your name, your company’s name, your shop’s name or any name you have thought.



But before we do that let me briefly tell you about dot com, dot in, dot org, dot gov, dot co dot in, dot net etc.
See most website you heard or know of might be having dot com after their name like,
Most people want dot com extensions. It is global and easily trustable.

Next there are country specific extensions like dot in(.in) , dot uk(.uk) , dot pk(.pk)
This generally conveys the message that the website is of that particular country.

Next we have extensions like-
dot org(.org) which is for organisations and is looked on as very credible (for example

dot gov(.gov) or dot gov dot in( etc are for Government websites.

There are tons of other extensions like .edu, .pizza, .xyz, .net, .charity, .mail, .love, .ai, .abc, .talk, .school and what not.

Choose wisely and accordingly.

One more obvious thing to understand is that, is different from
(However many times companies buy such similar domains to avoid confusion and imposters and direct traffic from all such different domains to their main domain/website. Anyway we have nothing to do with this. We have to focus on our ONE website.)

What domain name have you thought of?

Let us check if the website name (domain name) you thought of is available or not. But before that understand that if dot com(.com) is not available you can get dot in(.in) or other extensions but make sure that you do not violate any rules, copyright, law etc.
Like there is an website named which is for tech news.
Now if you buy domain and provide the same services like that of then you too understand that you are using the name of an already working, established website and using it for your benefit. (You can not/should not use same names even if you are planning to provide different services.)
Don’t do that. It is wrong as well as it MAY invite legal actions or legal penalties.

However you can do this for personal names and personal websites or shops etc.
For example your name is Ramesh Kr Patrick. You want your website to be but this is already taken; then you are free to choose other domain extensions like dot in ( or dot xyz (

Now let us check if the name you thought of is available or not.
1. Go to

2. Search for the name you want in the search box.
(Like , etc)

3. What does the result show?
Case 1- Domain Name not available.
If it gives information like Domain, Registrar, Registration date and other such information then it means that domain(with that extension) is already taken. It is not available. So now you will have to make a different choice.

Try with a different extension.
Like if is taken then try or or etc.
simply try changing your domain name.
Like try
(You get the point what I am saying! Right…)

Case 2- If Domain Name is available.
If domain name that you searched for is available then congratulations; You and your thoughts are unique.
You will see that it there is a green correct tick and it says is available. Below this it says “Buy this domain for $9.88”

Want to get some ideas about what to name your website?

If you are not sure what to call your website and want some ideas about naming then-
1. Go to
2. In the search box write the rough website name or if your website name is of two words write those words and you will see dozens of suggestions.
For example-
If you want your website name to have words like SHARMA FOOD DELIVERY ; then type Sharma Food or Sharma Food Delivery. You will get more than 100 suggestions.

There will be some which will be taken. WHOIS will be written in front of them.

Others in green with BUY written next to them is available and you can have that name.

There will also be domain names which someone has bought but is available for sale and you can buy that domain name. A amount in dollars will be written next to it. (Usually the prices are high. Not recommended. Think of a different name which is available.)

Now you have made up your mind what your are going to call your website and that name is available!
Next Step-


We will now have to buy the domain name. There are many such websites from where you can buy domain name.
Some of them are Godaddy, BigRock etc.
Almost all companies that provide web hosting also sell domain names. Some provide free domain name for a year if you signup for their long term web hosting plans. But it is always recommended to buy domain and web hosting from separate companies.

Rs 349.00* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!


Tips / To Dos before buying domain.
1. PLEASE Read our entire website building guide first. I do not want that you buy domain at this stage and later find out that you can not build a website. As a result money will be wasted and we do not want that to happen.

2. Different domains and different domain extensions have different prices. Some cost less some cost more. Also most domain offers that you see in ads on TV and elsewhere has a catch. Ads say things like “Get your dot com domain for only Rs.99 a year.”
Hell no. That is a lucrative statement. Nowhere you will find that price. The true condition is that “WHEN YOU BUY DOMAIN FOR TWO YEARS THEN THE PRICE FOR FISRT YEAR IS Rs.99”. Price of second year (and onwards) is around Rs.600 to Rs. 1000 for dot com, dot in etc domains (depending on different companies)

3. People mostly buy domains for at least 2 years.

4. So the total cost of domain for two years will be around Rs.800 to Rs.1400. (~ $25)

After two years you will have to pay again and renew it.

If you have read our whole website building guide once and are ready to make the purchase then let us do this. (Else read the whole guide once, come back again and build website.)


1. Go to your computer/laptop. (Recommended)
2. Open browser of your choice. (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc)
3. Go to browser settings and clear history, cache, cookies etc. and come back here. [Absolutely must]
(If your browser, like Safari, closes open tabs after deletion of History, Cache, Cookies; then please bookmark this page so that you can easily open it again.)
4. Go to Godaddy or BIGROCK 

Buying Domain from GoDaddy-

A. Go to Godaddy. (Please use this link.)

B. In the big search box fill the name of domain that you want (and which you have checked in earlier steps is available) and search.

C. Below the search box it will mention your domain name that you want. Next to it there will be price mentioned. And next to it it will say “Add to Cart”

D. Below that you will see tons of options similar to the domain name that you want but with different extensions. YOU DO NOT NEED THAT. Do not focus on those. (Or if you also want a dot in or dot co dot in or dot xyz versions of your domain name then you may add that to cart too. But believe me 99.9% of people reading this post would not.)

E. Click on “Add to cart” next to the domain name you want.

F. Now click on “Continue to Cart” (or go to cart logo on top right)

G. Here again you will see three four options like-
“Protect yourself – add privacy.”
“Linux Web Hosting”
“Create an email address that matches your domain”
Let me briefly tell you what are these-
G1. “Protect yourself – add privacy” – It hides your personal information like name, mobile number, address etc from public. If this is not added then anyone can go to, search for your domain name and see your info. Most personal websites hide this by buying this option and most organisations and other websites show it.
It is upto you to decide. Also it is around Rs.99 to Rs.149 per year so you may consider it.
Note- You can buy and add this later too(after you buy domain)
(On my one website I have added this and hidden my info and on other I have not.)

G2. Linux Web Hosting – Web hosting by Godaddy. We do not recommend this.

G3. Create an email address that matches your domain – Check “No Thanks”
It gives you professional email like,

[email protected]
(In our case [email protected])
Note- We can create such professional email later on with our web hosting provider.
Also if you want, you can buy this later after you have purchased your domain name.

H. So add privacy if you want.
Let Linux Web Hosting and Create Email Address options as “No Thanks”

I. Here you will see the amount you have to pay for 2 years. You can change that if you want and buy the domain for 3, 5 or 10 years.

J. Create Account/Sign In and complete your purchase.

K. DOWNLOAD THE BILL AND KEEP IT SAFE. Take screenshot or picture just to be on safe side.

Buying Domains from BigRock (Cheaper than GoDaddy if you do not want privacy. Else Costly.) –

A. Go to BigRock. (Please use this link.)

B. Fill in the domain name you want and search.

C. Click ‘Buy’ on the domain name you want.
(Skip ‘Get Business Email’ part)

Scroll down and click on ‘CONTINUE CHECKOUT’

E. By default it will show price for two years. Increase the duration if you want. Add privacy if you want.

F. Click ‘NEXT’.

G. Sign Up and complete your purchase.

So, now you have successfully bought the domain you wanted. BIG ACHIEVEMENT!

Note- Domains from BigRock are cheaper if you do not plan to get Privacy Protection. (Great Support too)


NEXT- What is SSL Certificate and Why is it important?


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