Buying Web Hosting


Domain is your home address.
Web Hosting is the land where your house is built.
House is your website.
Furnitures, fridge, tv, sofa inside your house are articles/images/contents of your website.

We have already bought our preferred Domain in Step 1.
So we have secured the address(domain) where we will buy land(web hosting) to build our house(website).

WEB HOSTING – Think of it as a Memory Card or Storage Place where your website will be kept(hosted) and all your articles, images, videos, pdf etc. that you show on your website will be stored.

Now there are many ways to choose Web Hosting.
There are numerous plans with dozens of options like BANDWIDTH, BACKUPS, DISK SPACE, LIVE SUPPORT, SSL CERTIFICATE, CONTROL PANEL etc.

For a first timer these are options which will confuse their minds.

So let me tell you in brief what do you need out of all these options. Please let me guide you with which plan to choose. Even if you do not understand, do not worry I will guide you to the best service and best plan according to your website needs.

If you have visited any web hosting website before you might have seen options like Linux Web Hosting or simply Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS etc. All have different prices, however all do the same thing (approximately).
You do not need to tangle yourself in these options.

In our website building we will focus on Web Hosting. This is what many use. This is what we are using for this website and our other websites.

When you go to web hosting page most companies have three options.
Their names may be different but mostly there are three plans to choose from.
Do note that with most companies there is always an option to upgrade the plan(or downgrade).

Next let us see which Plan is best for you. We are not naming any particular company. We are giving you a general idea.

Most companies offer 3 web hosting plans.
Let us call these plans EGG, CHICK, CHICKEN or PLAN 1, PLAN 2, PLAN 3.

EGG / Plan 1 / Basic Plan
This plan is for basic users. It is mostly limited for one website (which means only one domain can be connected with this plan)
It has basic options and the beginners’ features.

Personal Websites, Small personal Blogs, One/Few page website, Website for your residential building, Website giving address, contact info opening hours for your shop, Website for portfolio, Website having small traffic and such.
If your website falls in this category then this plan is best for you. It will save you money and also serve you well.

CHICK / Plan 2 / Premium Plan
This plan can host more than one website. It has Backup options and is good for most of the people reading this.

If you are a bit famous or you plan to write regular blogs, have lots of pictures etc then this plan is must for you.
This plan will serve most of you reading this well.

CHICKEN / Plan 3 / Business Plan
This plan is for everything(almost).
You can host unlimited websites (not that you are going to but yes you can if you want to)
This plan has daily backups, best speed and other such important perks like SSL Certificate, Deluxe Support/Chat Support etc.
(More on this later when we are deciding which web host to choose)

For Everyone! Yes anyone wanting some essential perks and planning to have a news website or travel blog with tons of high resolution pictures & videos should opt for this plan. This is suitable if your website is a tech review website or comparison website or a tech news website or any website which will have many people on it at the same time and which will have new articles and new content daily / weekly.
This plan has the best customer care support and believe me in beginning days of your website you are going to need Online Chat Support, email support etc. This plan is for everyone who is reading this and is planning for a robust news type website.
We at are using this plan.

RS 99* hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!


(Before you buy web hosting, Clear your browser history, cache and cookies and start fresh.)
(Keep a pen and notebook with you.)

There are many companies providing web hosting. All companies selling domains also provide web hosting but we and many other sites recommend that you should buy domain and web hosting from different companies.

(For your convenience, all links anywhere on this page or other pages on this website open in new tabs.)
Some of the best Web Hosting providers are-
1- Hostinger
2- Big Rock

We at Lawyers Tech use Hostinger and we are loving it. (BigRock too is good.) (Both the above hosting providers are great for Indian Users. They have payment options in Indian Rupees. For global visitors, they also have a global site with payment in other currencies.)

Why do we use Hostinger?
It has great Live Chat Support. (This is one of the main reason why we are using it. If anything happens they are highly qualified and solve the problem in minutes. In the beginning we made our site unavailable twice, had errors caused by us but they solved it within few minutes and our site was back and running.)
Apart from the global site it has an Indian version of its Website (
It has payment options in Indian Rupees instead of most sites which show prices in U.S Dollars.
Has everything that other web hosting companies have like one click WordPress installation, backups, creating professional emails, cpanel etc.
It also has 30 days money back guarantee.


1- Click on the names below. All these are great web hosting companies. Clicking on the below links will open the sites for these companies in new tabs.
We have already given you a rough idea on which plan to choose. Now it is upto you and your money what you choose.

2- Do not wander on their website. They are catchy, filled with options and will confuse you.
Web Hosting from GoDaddy
Web Hosting from BigRock
Web Hosting from Hostinger (we use Hostinger for Lawyer’s Tech and all our other websites.)

3- Choose a plan. Click on it. Sign Up and complete your purchase.
(In one of the step it will ask you ‘Add/Buy new Domain’ or ‘I Already have a Domain’. You already have a domain that you bought from Godaddy or Big Rock.
So click on ‘I Already have a Domain’. Fill in your domain name and continue.

(Write the email address and password that you used on the notebook. Note down any other information that you think is important.

4- You will receive bill receipt on your email. Additionally take pictures/screenshot for extra safety of the bill and confirmation screen.

5- You will also get name of nameservers. Names will be like-
(Keep this tab open. You will have to copy these nameserver names and paste it under DNS. Explained in Next Read.)

Now you are halfway done in the process of building your website.
You have bought domain.
You have bought Web Hosting.
You are set to unleash your creativity and your brilliance now.

NEXT READ- What to do just after buying Web Hosting? (Connecting domain and Web Hosting)