Introduction to Building a Website without Coding

How to Build A Website

BEGIN FROM HERE. Introduction to Building a Website without Coding is the first chapter out of fifteen. All these chapters are EXTREMELY EASY TO UNDERSTAND, WELL EXPLAINED WITH PICTURES and VERY EASY TO FOLLOW. Anyone can build a website using our guide; And yes, WITHOUT CODING or even any deep technological knowledge. If you know how to operate a computer, if you are creative; That’s it-You can build a website!

Tips for Buying Domain

Tips for Buying Domain

DO NOT HURRY. First read all the steps. Make sure you understand at least twenty percent of it. Please do not start building without reading everything first. Then start reading again from here, that is STEP 1 and build your website side by side. BUYING DOMAIN (THINKING, DECIDING, RESEARCHING, SELECTING AND BUYING DOMAIN) Currently you … Read more

Buying Web Hosting

How to buy best Web Hosting

WEB HOSTING Domain is your home address. Web Hosting is the land where your house is built. House is your website. Furnitures, fridge, tv, sofa inside your house are articles/images/contents of your website. We have already bought our preferred Domain in Step 1. So we have secured the address(domain) where we will buy land(web hosting) … Read more

Installing WordPress

How to Install Wordpress

INSTALLING WORDPRESS From where ever you bought your Web Hosting it is most likely that there is a Control Panel (cpanel). cpanel is basically the cockpit of your web hosting. It has everything needed to take off your website’s plane. In cpanel we have the option to install WordPress. Almost all the steps for installing … Read more

Changing few Important WordPress Default Settings

Changing Default Wordpress Settings

DESIGNING and CHANGING THE WEBSITE (ACCORDING TO YOUR TASTE AND NEEDS) Progress till now- House address done (Domain bought) Land bought (Web Hosting bought) House built (WordPress Installed) Plumbing and electricity ok (Website Working) Next Step- Putting furniture, sofas, painting, tv, internet connection in the house (Designing and Changing your website according to your needs … Read more