How to automatically load next post in Wordpress

How to automatically load next post in WordPress website?


This plugin automatically loads next few posts after the visitor reaches the bottom of the content.

1- Install and activate plugin (WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More)
Ajax Load More

2- Take you mouse pointer to ‘Ajax Load More’ which is in bottom of WordPress Dashboard toolbar.
Position of Ajax Load More
In right side you will see a code below ‘SHORTCODE OUTPUT’- [ ajax_load_more ] (no space between [ and a & e and ] )
Ajax Load More Code

4- Copy that code from there and paste it at the bottom of a post/page.
(Clear Cache if needed)

Now open that post in a new tab, you will see that when you reach the bottom of the post a button (maybe red) for ‘OLDER POSTS’ will be there.
Using this next posts will be loaded automatically.

This is the most basic setting that is the default setting.

This plugin has tons of other customizations.

You can make changes like change ‘OLDER POSTS’ text to anything you like.
For Example- Read More.
You may change the colour of the button as well.
Similarly you can limit the number of posts to load etc.

Just know that any change / customization you make reflects in the code that you have to paste in your post or page.

So for example, after customization your default code [ [ ajax_load_more ] ] will change to some code like [ ajax_load_more post_type=”post” button_label=”raed more” ]

Ajax load more new code

After every change / customization that you make copy the new code from the right side under ‘SHORTCODE OUTPUT’ and use this code on your posts and pages where you want this plugin (with the updated customizations )to work.

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