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How to Backup Your WordPress Site?


This world is amazing. It is beautiful. It has responsible people. It is a good place to be in. Still, for proper peace of mind it is always advisable to secure yourself and not just live at the mercy of others.

What I mean here is-
Wordpress is easy. It is secure. Huge number of people use it.
It is like Android- Easy, Secure, Insanely Popular.
But in current world nothing on the web is hundred percent secure.
So it is always better to have backup options.

Backing Up WordPress Site

(A) Your web hosting provider might already backup your site. It depends on which plan you are using. Most companies offer weekly backup in their basic plan and daily backup in their premium plan. (Hostinger is one such good company.)
(Please do not buy web hosting from a provider who has absolutely zero backup options for your plan.)

But it is always advisable to have our own backup.

(B) If you are a paid member of Jetpack Plugin then you can backup using Jetpack.



There are many free, freemium and paid plugins for backing up your WordPress Site.
One that we use and recommend is a freemium plugin called
All-in-One WP Migration’ (It has over a million active users.)
All in one WP Migration

1- Install this plugin and activate it.
(WordPress Dashboard – PLUGINS – ADD NEW – Search for ‘All-in-One WP Migration’ – INSTALL- ACTIVATE)

2- Now look on the bottom of left toolbar. (WordPress Dashboard)
You will see a tiny logo and All-in-One WP Migration.
Click on it.
All in one WP Migration

3- Now Click ‘EXPORT TO’
Backup WordPress Site
4- Select ‘FILE’
(Rest other options like Drive, Box etc require payment.) (Proceed and make a purchase if you want.)

5- It will take time (Few Minutes). Do not close the tab. Wait for it to finish.
After some minutes you will see a green download button with file size (like 30 MB).
Use that button and download the file.

This is your WordPress Website’s Backup. Keep it safe in you computer / pen drive / cloud storage etc.
Take regular backups.

(For one of my website I take daily backups (only if I have written new posts or made changes to website). I delete extra backup files and keep the very first two backups and the latest 3 backups.)


Another widely used plugin to make backup is,
Plugin Name- UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin
UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

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