Increase Font Size in Wordpress

How to change (increase or decrease) font size of your WordPress Website?


Few themes may support changing the font size of your website without any code.
Most do not. (especially free themes)

We can easily change the font size of the posts and pages by a simple code.
Do note that this would increase the font size of the entire website.

1- Go to your WordPress Dashboard – APPEARANCE – CUSTOMIZE – ADDITIONAL CSS

2- Copy and Add the following code there.

p {
font-size : 16px ;


If you want your font size to be even bigger just change 16 to 17 or 18 in the above code according to your satisfaction in Additional CSS. (To make the font size smaller change it to smaller numbers like 15, 14 etc.)

The moment you put in the code you will see a change in the right live view. Once satisfied.

3- Click ‘PUBLISH’

Open site in new tab. You will see the changes.
(You might need to clear cache if you are using cache plugins.)

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