how to create free subdomain and install Wordpress in it

How to Create Free Subdomain?

How to create free subdomain and install WordPress in it?

Domain is what you bought by paying an amount. Like our domain name is

Now if you click on NEWS HEADLINES on our website it will take you to our website
This looks like a different website with different WordPress Theme, different looks etc. This is a subdomain ( of our main domain (

Similarly many website have subdomains like, etc.

Creating a subdomain is very easy and FREE!
(Most web hosts support free subdomains even in the most basic plan)



1- Login to your hosting provider. Go to cpanel.

2- There you will see a section named ‘DOMAINS’ or ’SUBDOMAINS’. (Subdomain can be a main option or a sub option under Domains) (depends on your host company.)
Click on it.
How to create free Subdomain
3- In next step click ‘CREATE A NEW SUBDOMAIN’
How to create new Subdomain
4- Give a name that you want. Your main domain will already be listed there. (see picture above. is already visible there.)
So if you put in the name ‘blog’
your whole subdomain address will be

5- Click Create.

Now you have successfully created subdomain.
Subdomain Successfully Created
Next step is installing WordPress in it.
(Since that you are creating a subdomain it is clear that you know how to install WordPress and make a website.) (Else you may read all about installing WordPress and building website step by step here. Installing WordPress , Complete Website Building Tutorial)


How to install WordPress in subdomain?

1- Go to AUTO INSTALLER. (Locate it in your cpanel.)
Auto Installer
2- Now select WordPress (which will be installed on your new subdomain.)


4- Create an administrator account. (You may keep this different from your original WordPress credentials.) (Note these Email, username and password in a notebook for safe keeping.)
Create Admin Account5- Next fill in the details like Website Name, Language.
Under Overwrite you can select anything since this is a new / fresh install.
If WordPress was already installed and you wanted to remove everything from that old WordPress and install a fresh WordPress then you may select ‘YES’ under ‘OVERWRITE’
Your installation is already fresh / new / for first time, it does not matter what you choose under ‘Overwrite’
Website Title etc6- Click INSTALL.
After few seconds you will see that WordPress has been installed in your subdomain.

Now go to your subdomain. (e.g
You will see a fresh WordPress Website.


Note- You will have to buy new SSL Certificate for every subdomain (if you want).
Subdomains can be made into a new website with different theme than parent domain or you may install same theme and give subdomain the same look to keep things simple and on same level.

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