How to install Go To Top Button in Wordpress

How to install GO TO TOP button in WordPress Website?

‘Go To Top’ Button

You might have seen ‘Go to Top’ button or an ‘upward arrow symbol’ button on many websites.
At Lawyers’s Tech too we have this.
After a uses has scrolled down, by clicking this button he can go directly to the top of the page. This is very useful especially if your website has long posts.

How to get ‘Go to Top’ button?

Some themes have this option inbuilt.
Other have such features only in paid version.
You can look for these in your theme customization panel.
It will be inside ‘theme options’ or something similar named.


If your theme does not have this option inbuilt then too we can get this using a free plugin.

1- Go to your WordPress Dashboard – PLUGINS – ADD NEW – Search for ‘WPFront Scroll Top’
2- Install and activate this.
3- Now go to your installed plugins page.
4- Click SETTINGS below ‘WPFront Scroll Top’
5- Now Click ‘ENABLED’

Have a look at other options. Do not change anything you do not understand. (However you will understand most.)
(You might enable ‘Auto Hide’. This will hide the button after few seconds and make it appears again if user scrolls down.)

Select the button you want for your website.
Click ’Save Changes’

Now open your website in new tab. You will see the arrow button or go to top button that you selected on the bottom right of the screen. By clicking this you/visitor can go directly to the top of the page.
(You might have to clear cache if you are using a cache plugin.)

Extra Read- Suppose you are at the bottom of a document, menu option, song list or pretty much anywhere on iPhone or iPad; click once or twice anywhere on the very top of the screen (where time is written, battery status is there). You will instantly go to the top of the page. This works almost across entire operating system (all apps).

If you are using latest Opera Browser on your Mac or PC, and if you click anywhere on the tab-bar(except the cross for closing the tab) you will be taken to the top of the webpage.
Opera Top Bar

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