How to setup Google Analytics

How to setup Google Analytics and view Website Performance?


Using Google Analytics you can know a lot about the performance of your website.
You can know-
The total number of people visiting your website.
Number of new and old users.
Country from where users are.
Mobile device used by your visitors.
Network Name visitors are using.
Top pages.
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly report and comparison etc.

In short there are endless options.

If you go to any famous website searching ‘How to set up Google Analytics’ they will ask you to use plugins to know the stats. (Many times those plugins might be from their sister companies or might be to promote that plugin.)
For a beginner, we think using any plugin for Google Analytics is as useless as using an additional paper plate to eat from, when your meal is already served in a fine china plate.

Google Analytics on web is good. Google Analytics mobile apps are amazing.
Before we do that we have to make sure that you have added your website as your property in Google Console.
Now if you have followed our website you will see that we have mentioned the use of Yoast SEO Plugin to Connect / Add Property (website).
(You should definitely read this. (Will open in new tab))
Using the steps (1) and (2) on Yoast Page you can connect your website to Google Console.

1- We hope you have added your website to Google as your property.

2- Now go to

3- Click Sign InAnalytics and proceed further.
Now since you have already added your property you can select your website and view your website’s analytics.

4- Another easier way is to download Google Analytics apps from Play Store or App Store.
4A- Sign in using the Google account in which you have added your website as your property.
4B- You will see your Website Name. Select it. In this app you can easily view all stats.
Main options to look for are,
(All options inside these menus are self explanatory.)
Website StatsWebsite Stats 2


There are other options to view your website stats as well. One that we use and like is JETPACK PLUGIN which is by Automattic (the Parent Company of
You can learn everything about it including how to view website stats etc here.
This has other important usages too. Using this plugin you can easily view your site stats inside your WordPress Dashboard or WordPress Mobile app. (No hassle of using any other app or website.)

Pro Suggestion-
It might be the case that in beginning you see no visitors on your site. It might also happen that even after a month you see only 4-5 new daily visitors. But do not be disheartened.
Continue writing posts. Continue to optimise them. Continue writing fresh relevant posts. Share your posts on social media.
After some time you will see visitors in satisfactory numbers.

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