One Plus 6 vs Galaxy S9

One Plus 6 or Samsung Galaxy S9. Which is better?

One Plus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9

I will keep this comparison as easy as possible by not mentioning unnecessary specs. I will only talk about the important ones and compare the new bride One Plus 6 with the experienced wife Samsung Galaxy S9.

One Plus 6 Price-
₹ 34,999 for 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage (non expandable)
₹ 39,999 for 8GB RAM, 128 GB Storage (non expandable)
Buy One Plus 6

Samsung Price-
Samsung Galaxy S9
₹ 55,300 for 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage (which can be expanded)
₹ 61,900 for 4GB RAM, 128GB Storage (which can be expanded)
Buy Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
₹ 60,999 for 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage (which can be expanded)
₹ 68,900 for 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage (which can be expanded)
Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Note- Prices vary. Price is dependent on colour. Price differs from one seller to another. Above links take you to best possible prices.

One Plus 6 vs Samsung S9
Image Credit- Mrwhosetheboss

Benefits of buying One Plus 6-

1- Less Price

2- Almost stock Android

3- Fastest charging (wired)

4- Dual camera on all models.


Benefits of buying Samsung S9-

1- Better Display (In fact the best display on any phone), HDR, Always On Display

2- Better Design (curved display on sides are a royalty and look absolutely beautiful and different.)

3- Wireless Charging

4- Better Camera (Better Low Light Photography, 720 at 960 frames per second, HDR)

5- Stereo Speakers

6- Samsung Pay (which works almost everywhere and works great.)

7- Water Resistant with IP Certification (IP68) (One Plus just says it is okay for minor rain and splashes. It has no IP certification.)

8- EARPHONES worth 100 dollars included in the box. (This amounts to around 7000 Indian Rupees.)

9- Extras like- More Secure face unlock than One Plus 6, Heart Rate Sensor, Barometer, Edge Shortcuts, App Paring etc.




Now the above list clearly projects that Samsung is far superior than One Plus 6. But this comes at a cost which is significantly higher than the other.

If we compare One Plus 6 128 GB version and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB version, there is a price difference of 29000 rupees!

If we put this in another way, you can buy One Plus 6 (128GB) and an iPhone 6s (32GB) with the amount of money that you will spend on Samsung S9 Plus (128GB). Click To Tweet


Now for a moment let us put price out of the equation.


Benefits of Buying Samsung Galaxy S9 over One Plus 6-

If price is not your concern then there is no sane reason to choose One Plus 6 over Samsung Galaxy S9+. Click To Tweet

Apart from having the better display, better camera, great in box earphones, wireless charging, water resistance, heart rate sensor, stereo speakers etc, there are other things to consider.


If you are putting this huge amount in a phone it clearly states that you work hard to earn those bucks. This in a way is inversely proportional to free / unproductive time. So if you earn more this means you have less hours for unnecessary things like researching for a service centre. (Irrespective of how much you earn, no one likes to invest time in such situations.)
This is where Samsung takes the advantage. You can find a Samsung service centre almost every where. During your commute to work you might see few! So in case of any mis-happening you can easily drop your phone at their service centre and get authentic, certified service.
This is a huge benefit.
For One Plus you will have to wander.
Here is where to locate One Plus Service Centres in India.
Here is where to locate Samsung Mobile Service Centres in India. (See pictures below.)

One Plus Service Centre in India
All One Plus Service Centre in India. Only 12 out of these are exclusive.


Samsung Mobile Service Centres
Samsung Mobile Service Centres in and around DELHI. This is far more than total number of One Plus service centres in India!

Also here is a video by a recognised Indian YouTuber, which talks about the malpractices of One Plus Service Centre. The cost of repairs exceeded the original phone price by two times!



This is the age of mobile applications. I am sure most people who buy phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 have banking apps and other very sensitive and secure apps / data on their phones.
Samsung has loads of privacy options like Samsung Knox, Secure Folder, Apps in secure place etc. You can hide / protect your important documents, pictures, apps / second apps and almost everything using these options.

It was in news(2017) that One Plus was collecting user data. But there was a serious problem to it. Here is a quote from Engadget.

“The problem lies with the lack of anonymity. It turns out, OnePlus is transferring this info along with your phone’s serial number, meaning that your activity is personally identifiable.”

This issue was taken up by many publications. You can read all about it (including positive steps taken) here. (All links open in new tabs)
The Verge
The Indian Express
One Plus talks about this issue here. (It seems to be addressed now.)

Anyways, if you are serious about buying either of these phones, you should read the above articles and decide accordingly.

Saying sorry or giving explanation after a mistake is not the solution in things like privacy. This should never be compromised. e.g- Facebook. Click To Tweet


Reasons to buy One Plus 6 over Samsung Galaxy S9-

To be honest, there is no solid reason except price.

The fact is, in general usages and games both phones perform equally good.

Samsung can not be termed as the winner in performance. In fact One Plus has a tiny advantage because its Oxygen OS is cleaner, bloat free of duplicate apps, and looks like pure Android.

So if the above benefits provided by Samsung does not excite you or is not your concern, then there is no point in not buying the One Plus 6.

A penny saved is a penny earned.


  • One Plus 6 has the fastest charging.
    But Samsung also has fast charging which is as good as dash charging (but not better or equal). Additionally it also has wireless charging.
  • One Plus UI has clean look and faster experience.
    But you can put a capable launcher like Google Pixel Launcher or Nova Launcher and make your Samsung S9 look like pure Android / Google Pixel / One Plus 6.
    (However One Plus 6 might still feel quicker due to extremely well optimised animations.)
  • One Plus has edge over Android updates for its existing and old phones than Samsung.
    Absolutely True.
    Samsung sucks at Android updates. However Samsung is pretty decent with Security patches.
  • One Plus has a switch for Ring, Vibrate, Silent which is a boon. Samsung has not.
    Absolutely True.
    Being a iPhone user I think ring and silent switch should be on every phone.
  • One Plus 6 comes with a screen protector pre installed.
  • One Plus has faster face unlock.
    But it is less secure than Samsung’s. Also the face unlock on Samsung S9 is pretty fast.



So if it is my money and my choice there is not an iota of doubt or hesitation.

I would choose the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

For others it is extremely easy to choose between the two.

A) Less price, best performance, not bothered about nifty stuff, do not care about service or live in a city where One Plus has service centre- Buy One Plus

B) Rest everyone- Buy the Samsung Galaxy S9


You may even consider Samsung Galaxy S8. Currently it is priced almost same as One Plus 6. Paytm Mall has attractive deals for this phone.

Thumbnail & Post Image- From this extremely well made One Plus 6 vs Samsung S9 video by Mrwhosetheboss.

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