Limit Login Attempt in Wordpress

Protect Your WordPress Site – Limit Login


How does a hacker get inside any social id or phone etc?
One of the ways is by trying hundreds of different passwords per minute. Now, if the password is weak like ‘Yourname123’ or ‘Yournameandbirthday’ then it just takes few minutes or some seconds to get inside such protection.
So always use a long, complex and unique password for all your sites and apps.
If your password is simple and username is visible then anyone can login to your WordPress Admin and delete posts, change posts or do anything. This is not what you want.


WordPress Site Protection

1- Use a strong admin Password with Upper Case and Lower Case letters, numbers, symbols etc.
2- Do not share your username and password with anyone.
3- Do not keep your password in any untrusted or third party notes app. (Even if you do so, just put only the password hints.) (Additionally lock that note with a password. For Example- You can lock a note in default iPhone/iPad/Mac notes app.)

4- Use a plugin

* Install plugin named ‘Limit Login Attempts
(It may be pre installed.)
Limit Login Attempt

* Activate it.
* Now hover mouse on SETTINGS (of WordPress dashboard. Bottom left.)
* Click LIMIT LOGIN ATTEMPTS – Look at the options – See what suit you – If you change anything click ‘CHANGE OPTIONS’

By default settings you or anyone can only make five wrong tries until they are locked out for 20 minutes.
(This is for your WordPress Login that you access by


Extra Read- iPhone and iPad have an option to destroy all data in the phone if wrong password is used ten times. This can be enabled by SETTINGS – TOUCH ID & PASSCODE – ERASE DATA. (Use at your own risk.)

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