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How to center text of cookie banner of Jetpack

How to Center Cookie Text of Jetpack Plugin (easiest way)

After you have successfully set you cookie banner, open private window and open your website. You will see the cookie banner.
Now if your cookie text is less it will not be centered.

To center the cookie text-Go to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSSIn additional CSS copy the below text and paste it there.
After that click Publish.

#eu-cookie-law {text-align: center;}

Now open your website in another private window (or use private window of another browser) and load your website. You will see that the text is centered.

Why is Apple / iPhone not so successful in India?

Why is Apple / iPhone not so successful in India?

Apple is a premium widely known trend setting company. In some markets Apple has a huge smartphone market share for example in United States (44%) and Australia (56%).

In India Apple has smartphone market share of only 2.87% with some sources even claiming it to be around 1%. In contrast Android market share in India is above 90%.

Android Go vs Android One

Stock Android vs Android One vs Android Go

Android iteration/version names since inception have been derived from sweet foods – desserts, chocolates or other sugary confectionery. Almost a decade down the line the owners and developers of Android Operation System that is Google, seems to try hard to maintain the sweet core of Android which is now the ubiquitous OS as far as mobile phones are concerned. Being…