What is SSL Certificate and its usages?

What is SSL Certificate and Why is it important?


If I have to say what is SSL Certificate in one word, I would say – “ESSENTIAL

Try visiting a website of a bank or Facebook or any other such company. In the address bar you will see a lock or the word ‘Secure’ written.
SSL CertificateThis is because of SSL certificate.
See the full URL of such websites. They will begin with ‘https’. There is ’s’ at the end of ‘http’.
See the URL for Lawyers Tech. It also has ‘https’ which means it is secure.

If you do not have SSL certificate then your visitors might/will be prompted that ‘This site is not secure’. Some browsers may even stop the user from visiting such websites. All this will lead to fewer traffic on your website.
Search engines also / may show non secure sites down in their search results. No one wants to visit a non secure site.

So SSL certificate is an essential tool which you should have.

If you opt for a high plan web hosting you get SSL certificate for free (like Hostinger’s Business Plan).
Even if you opt for lower plans you can buy SSL certificate by making a one time purchase which costs around 560 rupees ($ 10). (Price may vary from company to company.)

If you have bought a basic web hosting plan from Hostinger you may buy SSL certificate for lifetime, for around 560 Indian Rupees (~10 U.S Dollars)

Note- Almost all web hosting premium or business plan have free SSL Certificate.
There are also many SSL sellers who sell/license SSL Certificate on a yearly basis.

(Extra Read- There is also a way to get SSL for free. But it is not recommended. You will have to update and repeat the process again after 60-90 days. It requires around 10-15 steps. We do not recommend this.)


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