Use of Additional CSS in Wordpress

What is the use of Additional CSS in WordPress Theme?


Most themes have an option called ADDITIONAL CSS (mostly at the bottom of option list)

This is for putting extra codes that we want. These extra codes adds or modifies the functionalities of the theme.

For Example- You can use the following code to change the font size of your website.

p {

More about changing WordPress website font size here.

Best way to get codes is to decide what function you want in the theme / website (for example add different colour to header, sticky header, add go to top button etc.)
Then go to your theme’s support page (on their website).
Raise a support ticket or email them and ask for CSS code to add that functionality.
If possible they will reply positively.
You may add that in ADDITIONAL CSS to get that function.
(Note- If the feature that you requested the code for is in the paid version of their theme then they will ask you to buy the theme.)

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