Connecting Domain and Web Hosting

What to do just after buying Web Hosting?

Connecting Domain to Web Hosting

Now you have bought your desired Domain name from one company and have also bought Web Hosting from some other company.

Now connecting domain and web hosting is like putting sim card that you bought from Company J into a mobile phone that you bought from Company A.

Together they will work. Alone they are almost useless. (You can not activate a newly bought iPhone without a working sim card.)

So in this step we will be connecting our domain and web hosting.

Extra Read- See just after successfully buying your domain name; if you type your domain name in your browser it will load a page that says something like “This page is hosted free by Domain Provider.” There are also options asking ‘Do you own this domain?’ and ‘build your website with us etc’
So basically your domain is parked free with your domain provider(like Godaddy) and is showing files(webpage) that is on Godaddy’s servers.

What we need to do is change the nameservers. Simply put, we have to point our domain to the servers of our web hosting.

This might have sounded too complicated and long. This is because in order to explain everything in detail I write too much.

Reality is changing nameservers is easier than filling water bottle and keeping it in refrigerator. Seriously.

Steps to change Name Servers

Open two tabs (or two browsers) and login to your Domain Name provider account (for example Login to Godaddy) in one tab and Web Hosting provider account (for example Login to Hostinger) in another tab.


Now remember that when you bought Web Hosting, it gave you two to four nameserver names.
For Hostinger, It looks something like this-
(It is different for all companies)

(If you do not have it. No problem chat from your web hosting support and ask them ‘What is the name of nameservers?’)
Get the name server names.

Now go to domain provider account (e.g Godaddy) (will be different for other domain companies but you will get the idea.)

Click on icon on top right.
Go Daddy Profile
Click ‘My Products’
GoDaddy Products

There you will see your domain name. Next to it there will be ‘DNS’. (ADD PRIVACY option may or may not be there depending on whether you bought it or not.)
Click on DNS. (Domain Name Servers). Scroll Down the page.
Here you will see Godaddy nameservers.
Changing DNS

Click ‘CUSTOM’

Here we have to fill in Hostinger’s name server names. (your web hosting’s nameservers)
Go to Web Hosting’s tab and simply copy the servers’ names one by one and paste them in Godaddy tab, under nameservers.
Connecting Domain and Web Hosting

Click ‘Save’

You will see successful message.

It will say something like you have changed nameservers or we can not provide you your nameserver details as they are managed by third party.

Congratulations. You are done.

(To confirm that everything is okay-
After one hour, go to Whois and put your name in search box. Under Name Servers your web hosting provider’s name servers will be visible.
Just ask your web hosting chat support ‘Is my domain and nameservers connected?’
(See the benefits of having Chat Support))


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