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Written – 25th April 2018
Last Updated – 28th October 2018

At times I might criticise something/someone or their views or I might disagree with their opinions. I might use strong non-profane words in my articles but I never intend to DEFAME or BRING DOWN or HURT the person/state/product/services etc in reference.

I simply express my views and do take utmost care not to be hurtful.
I always believe in this sentence by Frank A. Clark-
Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots”

Keeping a website running and updated requires a good amount of money, labour and time. This is a free website. There is no subscription model or payment option for using this website. So to keep it running I might show referral links from websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. When you purchase using these links I get a tiny amount of commission which drop by drop might help me in keeping this website running.
Thank you for understanding.
Any other Ad source will be mentioned here(if necessary).
(As of 28th October 2018, I have earned rupees zero from this website.)

Currently I do not store any of your information like email, names etc. However when you comment or contact me using your name and email then that is kept secure with me, courtesy of mighty WordPress. I will never misuse, misbehave, rent, sell or spam your email. I never have, I never will.

At times for wider knowledge I might provide links in my articles/posts which will take you to other website. Once you are on that website you are under the rules and policies of that particular website. I have no control on any other website except mine. Please understand that I am not liable/accountable for any loss or damage occurring as a result of activity on another website.

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I am using images from Pixabay under their terms and conditions which can be found on their website.
They are a great source of free, non-copyright/copyright free images for small businesses and individuals like us.
Do check them out for your next project.
Image from any where else will have the source mentioned below it / in that article or if i constantly use that service/site/source, I will add that here.

I reserve the right to make changes to the privacy policies and disclaimer at any time. You are hence requested to come here from time to time if you feel the need to do so. I will always make sure to mention the changes I make here to my readers in any way I prefer like a post, social media update or any other method I think is suitable and possible for me. These changes will be reflected in the ‘Last Updated’ date section which is on the top of this page. All prior policies get replaced by the new ones from the mentioned date.

If you need any more information about the privacy policy, disclaimer, use of cookies etc; please fell free to contact me at,
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