How and Why T-Series grows so quickly – explained by an Indian

TSeries and PewdiePie on YouTube

There are multiple reasons why T-Series is about to be the most subscribed YouTube channel. Multiple videos on YouTube talk regarding this, but the fact is none of them handle the reasons very well. Most of these comparison videos are by non-Indian YouTubers who try their best and are successful in explaining the situation only to an extent.

Every such comparison video starts well by mentioning facts about T-Series’ foundation and the assassination of its founder but all these videos fail to provide a clear reason why T-Series is rising so rapidly. (And this is not the fault of the YouTubers making those videos.

Sitting 10000 kilometres away from India the only source for their data is internet. Despite this geographical limitation some of the videos are very well made.)

I have tried my best to touch all points. Let us start with a short beginning. There are appropriate headings. You may skip any section you are not interested in, but if you want to get the clear picture and also know a bit more about India, then I would recommend you not to skip any section.