How to center text of cookie banner of Jetpack

How to Center Cookie Text of Jetpack Plugin (easiest way)

What is a cookie?

Cookie also know by names like HTTP Cookie, Web Cookie, Internet Cookie, Browser Cookie is a small piece of data which is sent from a website and stored on the user’s device (phone, computer etc) by the user’s web browser when the user is browsing.

Cookie allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user.
Cookie is a ‘Non-personal Information’ which is not personally identifiable by the user (you) but is essential for the proper functioning of most websites. Cookie is automatically collected when you access most websites and it allows to recognise every time you visit that website.

Now laws in various countries (especially European Union (EU) countries) require website owners to ask user’s permission before collecting cookies.

This is how a ‘Use of Cookies‘ page is written. Or even better Cookie Notice.

Plugins to ask Cookie Permission

I need not tell you this. If you just go to Add Plugin page and type the word cookie you will see dozens of plugins to show cookie notice. All these plugins perform well. I myself have tested more than 10 such plugins. So install any plugin that you see has good number of installs and has good ratings.

That being said, if you already use Jetpack on your website then there is no need to install an extra plugin just to show Cookie consent. Jetpack allows you to shows Cookie Banner.


To enable cookie consent you must have Jetpack plugin installed and activated.

  1. Go to Appearance – Customize – Widgets (and Footer widget or any widget location where you want that Cookie notice to show)
  2. Click Add Widget.
  3. Now select Cookie and Consents Banner (Jetpack)
  4. Customize the text and button according to your preference. (You can be funny with your text.)


After you have successfully set you cookie banner, open private window and open your website. You will see the cookie banner. Now if your cookie text is less it will not be centered. To center the cookie text-

  1. Go to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS
  2. In additional CSS copy the below text and paste it there. After that click Publish.

#eu-cookie-law {text-align: center;}

Now open your website in another private window (or use private window of another browser) and load your website. You will see that the text is centered.

Now this is effective on desktops. On mobile due to small screen it does not make much difference.


Cookie Text not centred


Cookie Text in Center


I hope this was helpful. To make your cookie notice even more beautiful you might try other cookie plugins. There are literally dozens of them. They let you easily customize banner color, text size, location of the banner, appearance (slide or fade) etc. Happy customizing!

Also note this Additional CSS will work only on cookie notice shown by Jetpack plugin and not other cookie plugins.

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