How to Use WhatsApp on Computer

You already love WhatsApp on your Android phone or iPhone. But have you ever wanted to use it on your computer or laptop? If yes, here are simple ways to launch and use WhatsApp on Windows and Mac. After that, you can chat, share files, download files conveniently on WhatsApp on your PC.

How to Use WhatsApp on Computer and Download Files (Android)

Step 1. On your computer or laptop, launch Chrome or Firefox browser and go to You will see a QR code.

Go to WhatsApp Web on Computer

Step 2. Now on your phone, open WhatsApp and tap on the three vertical dots icon from the top right.

Tap on the three vertical dots icon

Step 3. Tap on WhatsApp Web.

Tap on WhatsApp Web

Step 4. Now point your phone at the QR code that is shown on your computer screen.

Point your phone at the QR code

Step 5. You are now logged in to WhatsApp on your PC.

How to Use WhatsApp on Computer and Download Files (iPhone)

Initial step: Go to on your computer or laptop.

Step 1. Now, open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap on Settings from the bottom right.

Step 2. Tap on WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

Step 3. Scan the QR code that you see on the computer.

Note: If you have used WhatsApp Web in the past, you will have to tap on Scan QR Code, and then you can proceed.

Important Things to Note While Using WhatsApp on Web

1. Your phone must have mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. If you disconnect the internet of your phone’s WhatsApp, it will stop working on desktop too. Unlike Hike or Telegram, WhatsApp simply mirrors your phone’s WhatsApp to desktop. So it needs internet on both devices.

2. You can logout and stop your WhatsApp on Web from your phone or computer.
To do so, from the computer, click on three dots icon and then click on Logout.
To do so from the phone, follow the above steps, go to WhatsApp Web option and then tap on Log out from all devices.

3. At one time you can use WhatsApp Web at only one place, which is one browser window.

4. If you are not able to scan the QR code, refresh the on your computer.
Also, exit from WhatsApp on your phone and try again.
If nothing helps, restart your phone and computer and follow the above steps again.

5. You can also download WhatsApp application/software on your Windows or Mac computer. After this, you do not need to use it in a browser.

Download WhatsApp for Windows or Mac

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