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7 Great Alternatives to Chrome

7 Best Alternatives to Google Chrome for Mobile

This is 2019. Out of all mobile browsers Google Chrome has the highest global market share of 59%.
Now this impressive figure is because Google Chrome is actually a very good browser. Throw any task at it and Chrome will handle it just fine.

However if you are looking for Google Chrome alternatives then here is a list of great browsers with some amazing features.

All the browsers mentioned here let you do the basic tasks like web browsing (of course), private tabs, bookmarks etc.
In this article we will be focusing on the standout features which would encourage you to use that browser instead of Chrome.

Everything about AirPods

AirPods automatically disconnect and make screeching noise!

If I am lying on bed and watching movie with MacBook on my knees and AirPods connected; even if I move a bit on bed or change my resting position the AirPods makes a screeching noise. It is a torture for the ears. It can even damage my ears.
So with MacBook I always use it at max 70% volume.

This happens with all media played in any app or browser. This is sheer torture. Many times in frustration I have hit the back on my MacBook with force!

I complained about this to Apple on their Twitter handle, then thrice on their Chat Support. They tried their best to help me sitting thousand miles away they could do nothing.

One Plus 6 vs Galaxy S9

One Plus 6 or Samsung Galaxy S9. Which is better?

One Plus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 I will keep this comparison as easy as possible by not mentioning unnecessary specs. I will only talk about the important ones and compare the new bride One Plus 6 with the experienced wife Samsung Galaxy S9. One Plus 6 Price- ₹ 34,999 for 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage (non expandable) ₹ 39,999 for…