Does the top of a new Magic Mouse move left and right?

Did you just buy the new Apple Magic Mouse and find that its top part is moving horizontally very slightly?

If this happens with your new expensive Apple mouse, you may think you have bought a faulty product and get worried. So, let me put your mind at ease!

It’s normal for the top touch part of your Magic Mouse to move a fraction of a millimeter when you push it horizontally with your finger. This is true for both Magic Mouse in black and white colors.

You don’t have to worry about it, and your mouse will function as expected. You can use its left and right buttons as well as the top touch surface.

However, if the mouse pad or table is coarse or your hands are sweaty and you can’t grip the mouse properly, you may feel this tiny movement to be irritating. At times, it can also make a small noise, which can be disturbing.

Apple Magic Mouse with two arrows showing that its top part moves left right very slightly

The top of my new Magic Mouse also moves slightly

I bought a black Magic Mouse for my Mac desktop last year. After taking it out from the sealed box, the first thing I noticed was that the top portion moved ever so slightly.

It was worrying as I had dropped a lot of money on this Apple mouse when compared to other options found on Amazon.

So, I immediately messaged a friend, and he confirmed that the top piece of his years-old Magic Mouse also moves very, very slightly. I was assured, as I had purchased it from a local online retailer, and it had no return option.

I’ve been using my mouse for a year now

The ever-so-slight movement of the top part of my Magic Mouse has not caused any trouble or failure of the button press or touch surface.

It works well with my Mac, MacBook Pro, and iPad.

Exchange your Magic Mouse if you’re worried

If you’re worried, I would recommend getting a replacement.

In most countries and regions like the USA and Europe, you can easily exchange or return the product if you have bought it from the Apple Online Store or Apple physical store.

Additionally, laws in these countries also allow you to return or exchange the product bought from any retailer if you’re unhappy with it. Just make sure you decide within 7 or 14 days, depending on where you live and what the conditions were when you were making the purchase.

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