How to customize Wordpress Website

Basics of WordPress Website Customization


Now that you have successfully installed WordPress, there are few basic things you should know.

WordPress Site has two main components-
Themes- Which decide how your website looks. You can customize it to make it the way you want. (more on this later)

Plugins- They add extra functionality to your WordPress site.
For Example- A plugin is used to regularly backup your site. A plugin is used to add facebook, whatsapp share options to your posts, A plugin is used to make your site fast etc.
(You will automatically understand what Plugins are once you install and activate one.)

(Sanely this does not happen, but a WordPress Site can exist without any Plugin but there can be no WordPress site without a theme.)

You are at your liberty to install as many themes you want. However at one time only one theme can be activated.
However at one time many plugins may be installed as well as activated.


NEXT READ- Installing Plugins.


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