How to build Primary Sidebar, Footer, Menu

Building Primary Sidebar, Footer, Menu

Building Primary Sidebar, Footer, Menu

Building Primary Sidebar

Primary Sidebar is useful. On our site we too have Primary Sidebar. (on right side)
It may have different name depending on your theme but most likely it will be called PRIMARY SIDEBAR or MAIN SIDEBAR.

Go to your theme customization (APPEARANCE – CUSTOMIZE)

Option for Primary Sidebar or Main Sidebar will most likely be under WIDGETS.

Click on it. (Primary Sidebar / Main Sidebar)

Now click ‘ADD WIDGETS’
You will see a list of widgets. Read them and take time to understand what they are. You can add the widgets and customize it further after adding it.

Add Widgets

Building Footer

Not all theme will have this but ninety percent of the themes have footer.

It is generally under WIDGETS or FOOTER. It generally has names like Footer A, Footer B, Footer C, Footer D or Footer Column 1,2,3,4 or Main Footer, Sub Footer etc.
Just like Primary Sidebar you can click on it and click ‘ADD WIDGET’

Then you can add widgets to your footer.

Most websites have Menu options, Pages, About Us page, Social Icons etc added to footer.

Building Menu

You know how to create menu.
You can make different menus for footer, sidebar, below header etc.
Like you have pages named ‘Our Story, Our Branches, What we do, Our History, About Us, Contact Us, Address, Disclaimer, Use of Cookies etc’

You can make a menu and give it a name like ’MAIN MENU’ and add pages like ‘Our Story, Our Branches, What we do, Our History’ to it. You can add this menu just below your website’s name. This will be your main menu.

You can again create a menu named ‘Below or Foot’ and add pages like ‘About Us, Contact Us, Address, Disclaimer, Use of Cookies’ to it and put this menu in any footer. (Use ‘ADD WIDGET’ and from that list select ’NAVIGATION MENU’. Then select the menu you created.)
(You can also add Categories, Posts etc to a menu.)

Building Bottom most footer

This is the bottom MOST element of a website.
Most free themes do not allow you to change it. Paid ones do.
This generally has copyright information, year, website name in it.
(For Lawyer’s Tech it has Name, Year, Hosting By)

If your theme supports this then it is most likely by the name ’Sub Footer’ or ‘Copyright Right Info’ under ‘Widgets’ or ‘Footer’.
You can add your own text in it.


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