Tips for Building Website

Building Static Website and Tips for Building a Website

Now you know,
how to write posts,
how to add pages,
how to make categories,
how to make tags, and
how to make menus.

These are the basic essentials that will help you successfully build and manage your website. You can now maintain a regularly updated website.

But before we do that we still have some miles to go.


1- Unnecessary pictures slow your website especially if it is not optimised (that is, it is big in file size).

2- When customizing your theme, on the left bottom you will see three logos- computer, tablet, mobile phone. You can click on those and preview how your website will look on these devices. However I recommend that after making any changes you open your website in an actual mobile phone. This will be more accurate.

3- Keep your website simple and calm. Less is more. Do not go adding unnecessary bells and whistles. If they are needed then no problem. But avoid unnecessary ones. Like if you are building a news website then it is okay to add many sections and have a robust sidebar etc. But if you are building a website for your personal blog or company then try to keep it as professional as you can. But always make sure that you add most important or most relevant options/contents on the front page/header etc and make sure it is easily visible.

As you know there are websites which have fixed content like website of a building, hospital, shop etc. It has useful information, about it, contact, address etc on its website.
To build such website you have to select ’Static Page’ in SETTINGS – READING – YOUR HOMEPAGE DISPLAYS – A STATIC PAGE (select a page but before selecting you will have to create one such page.)

To do so,
Create a page.
Add pictures, headings, coloured texts, texts etc to it.
Select this page in above steps as your homepage.
This is the simplest way. And this will result in a very basic website.

To make a good looking page use plugins like,
Elementor Page Builder


WordPress Page Builder by MotoPress (Best for beginner)

WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder

Note- After installation (on your settings plugins page) you might see different names of these plugins.

Using these plugins you can drag and drop heading, pictures, texts, youtube video, charts, links, audio links etc very easily.
If any of the above plugins are installed and activated-
When you add a new page or edit a page in the editor there will be an additional option saying ‘Build with *name of plugin*’

Note- It will take time to perfect the website.


Another website is a regularly updated website with posts.
(Lawyer’s Tech is a website of this kind.)
You already know how to write posts with pictures in it and everything. Now you are capable of maintaining such website.


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