How to choose and Install Wordpress Theme

Choosing and Installing WordPress Theme


There are thousands of theme. You are free to choose whatever you like.

Steps to search and install theme.

1- Log in to WordPress admin by going to (No need to login if you are already there.)

2- Click on Appearance (or hover mouse and from there click on “Themes”)

3- Here you will see default themes already installed like ’Twenty Seventeen’, ’Twenty Sixteen’.

4- Now click on “Add New”

Here you will see options like ‘Featured’, ‘Popular’, ‘Latest’ etc.

Go through these. See which one you like. You may install many themes and activate them one by one and check which one you like.

5- Check which theme excites you or suits your needs and taste. Take mouse pointer on the theme and click “Install”
It will take few seconds. After installation there will be a new button in place of ‘Install’. It will say “ACTIVATE”. Click on “Activate”

6- After activation, open a new tab in your browser and fill in your website address.
for example-
You will see that something is different with your website. It looks different. This is the theme you selected.

7- You can install as many themes as you want but at one single time only one theme can be activated.
So spend some time(but not too much) and look for the theme which visually looks suitable for you. Install it and activate it.

Tips for choosing Theme

There are many themes. Choosing one is very time consuming and you won’t be able to decide one without researching and investing a lot of time.
So, let me help you here.

1 Themes are like mobile applications.
Some are totally free.
Some are free but require you to buy additional features.
Some are paid.

For a beginner first two options are great. If you want to be more professional and want tons of features them you may choose paid themes. They generally cost more than Rs. 2500. We do not recommend paid themes now.

2- Make sure that the theme you choose is from a credible company. Go to their website; check whether they offer support of any kind for free themes or not(Most provide support via tickets/email for free themes too)

3- Check the theme’s description and look for words like SEO, Contact Form, Woo Commerce, Responsive, Child Theme etc. If such words are there then it is a good sign.

4- Other options of the theme can only be tested/known after you install it, activate it and are customizing it.]

When I was beginning to build my websites I had almost no help. Which ever article I consulted used to feature mostly paid themes. So I spent days and choose some of the best and made a list.
My notebook looked like this.
Theme Rough Work
Some of the best free themes according to us are from these companies-
They have both free and paid versions of their themes and let me tell you honestly- “THEIR SUPPORT IS EXCELLENT”
(We use their themes on our websites)


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