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I am Ankur Thakur from New Delhi, India.
I am a law graduate. Since my schooling days I have had keen interest in technology, new gadgets and new technological advancements. Due to certain reasons I could not pursue this dream further. I could not turn my interests into my dream job.


I can write both short and detailed articles on any topic. I take great care in explaining things. When I write I assume that the reader knows very little about this. As a result I try to present everything with great care in a systematic way so that a person without any prior knowledge about the topic too can feel involved, enriched and entertained.


I am available to work as a full time / part time writer. My area of expertise is writing about technology – gadgets, software (macOS, iOS, Android), mobile or desktop applications, how-to tutorials, product reviews, dos and don’ts and almost any other tech topic. I feel great pleasure in writing research based detailed articles.
Apart from this I can also write about any general non tech topic.


Everything written on this website is written by me. Please pick any article(s) from this website or from the right sidebar (if you are on computer) / ‘Binge Read’ box below (if you are on mobile)
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I am a fast and keen learner. I am patient, understanding and adaptable.


If you would like me to work for you, please contact me. We can discuss other relevant details then. (I am adaptable)
If you are unsure about me, I would request you to contact me once. Without taking much of your time, I would try my best to clear your doubts.


Thank you for your time and interest.
Sincere Regards.


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