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How to center text of cookie banner of Jetpack

How to Center Cookie Text of Jetpack Plugin (easiest way)

After you have successfully set you cookie banner, open private window and open your website. You will see the cookie banner.
Now if your cookie text is less it will not be centered.

To center the cookie text-Go to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSSIn additional CSS copy the below text and paste it there.
After that click Publish.

#eu-cookie-law {text-align: center;}

Now open your website in another private window (or use private window of another browser) and load your website. You will see that the text is centered.

How to setup Google Analytics

How to setup Google Analytics and view Website Performance?

HOW TO SET UP GOOGLE ANALYTICS AND VIEW WEBSITE PERFORMANCE? Using Google Analytics you can know a lot about the performance of your website. You can know- The total number of people visiting your website. Number of new and old users. Country from where users are. Mobile device used by your visitors. Network Name visitors are using. Top pages. Daily,…

how to create free subdomain and install Wordpress in it

How to Create Free Subdomain?

How to create free subdomain and install WordPress in it? Domain is what you bought by paying an amount. Like our domain name is lawyerstech.com Now if you click on NEWS HEADLINES on our website it will take you to our website http://news.lawyerstech.com This looks like a different website with different WordPress Theme, different looks etc. This is a subdomain…

How to remove Google Font from Wordpress Website

How to remove Google Font from your website?

HOW TO REMOVE GOOGLE FONT FROM WORDPRESS WEBSITE? There are hundreds of types of Google fonts. They are now used by many websites and have become common. Google Fonts have advantages as well as disadvantages. You can read more about it here. (Quora Page) One problem that I faced was, my theme had Google Fonts pre baked into it. It…


How to Reduce/Optimize CSS, HTML, JavaScript?

Here we will see how to fix CSS, HTML and JAVASCRIPT. Now there are ways to do so. One is by adding code in .htaccess file (Which is accessed by logging into your Web Hosting provider, Going to File Manager and there locating a file named .htaccess and then editing it i.e adding additional code to it.)

However here we will be doing so with a plugin.For a beginner using the above method might be troublesome or even break the site.

Setup Professional Email on iPhone or Android

How to Set Professional Email on iPhone or Android?

HOW TO SET UP PROFESSIONAL EMAIL ON iPHONE or ANDROID? 1- Go to your web hosting provider – LOGIN (go to cpanel) – Click EMAIL – EMAIL ACCOUNTS. 2- Here you will see ‘EMAIL DETAILS’ (if you have not created email address. You can learn about creating one step by step here.) It will look something like this. Keep this…

Sticky Header in Wordpress

How to have Sticky Header? What is it?

STICKY HEADER Go to www.LawyersTech.com on a computer. Go inside any post. Scroll down. (I mean using your mouse or trackpad, start going to the bottom of the page.) You will see that a light blue coloured ‘HEADER’ appears on the top. This header has menu (Build your website, Best etc) on it. Even if you scroll to the bottom…

Jetpack Plugin Wordpress

How to setup and use Jetpack Plugin?

JETPACK PLUGIN Jetpack is a plugin which many find essential. It is a good plugin and is by Automattic (the company which owns WordPress.com) This plugin is updated regularly and has over a million active users. 1- Install and Activate Jetpack Link- https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/ Before we proceed you should know that there is a difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com Using Jetpack…

Use of Additional CSS in Wordpress

What is the use of Additional CSS in WordPress Theme?

USAGES OF ADDITIONAL CSS IN THEME Most themes have an option called ADDITIONAL CSS (mostly at the bottom of option list) This is for putting extra codes that we want. These extra codes adds or modifies the functionalities of the theme. For Example- You can use the following code to change the font size of your website. p { font-size:16px;…

How to automatically load next post in Wordpress

How to automatically load next post in WordPress website?

AJAX LOAD MORE This plugin automatically loads next few posts after the visitor reaches the bottom of the content. 1- Install and activate plugin (WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More) Link- https://wordpress.org/plugins/ajax-load-more/ 2- Take you mouse pointer to ‘Ajax Load More’ which is in bottom of WordPress Dashboard toolbar. 3- Click ’SHORTCODE BUILDER’ In right side you will see…