How to Unzip Files on iPhone and iPad

ZIP files are great to share content as they support lossless data compression. It is very easy to unzip ZIP files on the iPhone. If you just bought PDFs from WritingLaw and received them on your iOS device, here are steps to unzip it and start reading. Steps to UnzipRead More →

Everything about AirPods

If I am lying on bed and watching movie with MacBook on my knees and AirPods connected; even if I move a bit on bed or change my resting position the AirPods makes a screeching noise. It is a torture for the ears. It can even damage my ears.
So with MacBook I always use it at max 70% volume.

This happens with all media played in any app or browser. This is sheer torture. Many times in frustration I have hit the back on my MacBook with force!

I complained about this to Apple on their Twitter handle, then thrice on their Chat Support. They tried their best to help me sitting thousand miles away they could do nothing.Read More →