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7 Great Alternatives to Chrome

7 Best Alternatives to Google Chrome for Mobile

This is 2019. Out of all mobile browsers Google Chrome has the highest global market share of 59%.
Now this impressive figure is because Google Chrome is actually a very good browser. Throw any task at it and Chrome will handle it just fine.

However if you are looking for Google Chrome alternatives then here is a list of great browsers with some amazing features.

All the browsers mentioned here let you do the basic tasks like web browsing (of course), private tabs, bookmarks etc.
In this article we will be focusing on the standout features which would encourage you to use that browser instead of Chrome.

Everything about AirPods

AirPods automatically disconnect and make screeching noise!

If I am lying on bed and watching movie with MacBook on my knees and AirPods connected; even if I move a bit on bed or change my resting position the AirPods makes a screeching noise. It is a torture for the ears. It can even damage my ears.
So with MacBook I always use it at max 70% volume.

This happens with all media played in any app or browser. This is sheer torture. Many times in frustration I have hit the back on my MacBook with force!

I complained about this to Apple on their Twitter handle, then thrice on their Chat Support. They tried their best to help me sitting thousand miles away they could do nothing.

TSeries and PewdiePie on YouTube

How and Why T-Series grows so quickly – explained by an Indian

There are multiple reasons why T-Series is about to be the most subscribed YouTube channel. Multiple videos on YouTube talk regarding this, but the fact is none of them handle the reasons very well. Most of these comparison videos are by non-Indian YouTubers who try their best and are successful in explaining the situation only to an extent.

Every such comparison video starts well by mentioning facts about T-Series’ foundation and the assassination of its founder but all these videos fail to provide a clear reason why T-Series is rising so rapidly. (And this is not the fault of the YouTubers making those videos.

Sitting 10000 kilometres away from India the only source for their data is internet. Despite this geographical limitation some of the videos are very well made.)

I have tried my best to touch all points. Let us start with a short beginning. There are appropriate headings. You may skip any section you are not interested in, but if you want to get the clear picture and also know a bit more about India, then I would recommend you not to skip any section.

Why is Apple / iPhone not so successful in India?

Why is Apple / iPhone not so successful in India?

Apple is a premium widely known trend setting company. In some markets Apple has a huge smartphone market share for example in United States (44%) and Australia (56%).

In India Apple has smartphone market share of only 2.87% with some sources even claiming it to be around 1%. In contrast Android market share in India is above 90%.

Tips and Tricks for Telegram Messenger

Tips and Tricks For Telegram Messenger

Instant Mobile Messaging has been popular for quite some time now.

iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike, Telegram are just few of the most popular Instant Messaging services. At the core, all these perform the same task, that is to securely and instantly send messages and media from sender to the receiver.

However each of these have some extra features which helps them differentiate from the rest. Here we will be talking about some tips and tricks for Telegram Messenger.

Android Go vs Android One

Stock Android vs Android One vs Android Go

Android iteration/version names since inception have been derived from sweet foods – desserts, chocolates or other sugary confectionery. Almost a decade down the line the owners and developers of Android Operation System that is Google, seems to try hard to maintain the sweet core of Android which is now the ubiquitous OS as far as mobile phones are concerned. Being…